Petro Card

1. What is the PetroCard?

The PetroCard is a magnetic card to effect credit purchases of petroleum products (Diesel, Motor Gasoline, Lubricants) through IndianOil's Retail Outlets. The Product is the result of a collaboration between IndianOil (Mauritius) Ltd and Indian Ocean International Bank (IOIB).

2. What are the benefits of the PetroCard?

The PetroCard provides you with the convenience, simplicity and control you need to fully monitor and manage the fuel consumption of your vehicle or fleet of vehicles.
It streamlines all the management and reporting requirements so that the expenditure details are available to you.
Also suitable for companies, the PetroCard allows your drivers the freedom they need to get their jobs done while giving you total control of their expenditure.

Additional benefits:

1. detailed financial reporting at the end of each month (i.e. amt of fuel consumed, mileage etc) facilities up to 30 days interest free

3. monitoring of vehicle fuel performance on a monthly basis

4. improved control over your expenditures

5. know where and when your vehicles fuel

6. free personal accident cover of Rs.50,000 for the card holder
7. point based loyalty scheme for Individuals (accumulated points to be exchanged against petrol, diesel, lubricants or car washing)

3. Who are eligible for the PetroCard?

1. Companies/Corporates

2. Individuals – Regular Income earners of 18 years of age or above

3. Both IOIB and non-IOIB customers

4. What are the Credit Limits of PetroCard?

Three credit limits are available:


Credit Limit (Rs)

Standard Card:


Silver Card:


Gold Card:


5. Where do we obtain the PetroCard Application Form?

PetroCard application forms are available at all IndianOil retail outlets and IOIB branches. Duly filled forms can be submitted at IndianOil retail outlets or at IOIB branches.

Non-IOIB customers (individuals only) should provide a proof of address (utility bill-CEB, CWA or MT), a proof of income (pay slip or bank statement) & a copy of their national identity card with the application form. Interested companies are requested to contact the nearest IOIB branch for mode of application.

For more information please contact:
Indian Ocean International Bank Ltd
34, Sir William Newton Street, Port-Louis
Tel: (230) 2108809, Fax: (230) 2080127








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